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Welcome to Houston Heights High School. We are a unique learning community of 250 students, their parents, and staff. Our entire program is committed to the success of your child. We offer small classes that allow our teachers to spend more quality time with each of our students to ensure their success in class and in life. We get to know our students and parents personally and we grow together. In the classroom we have cutting edge, wireless technology with more than 200 computers. Our extracurricular activities are designed to promote self worth and community service. Our international culture program provides students with the opportunity to study abroad. Our motto is leadership, excellence, and perseverance. We teach and nurture those qualities.

  • Houston Heights High School offers the CScope curriculum developed jointly by several Regional Educational Service Centers in Texas. The curriculum is completely aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as adopted by the Texas Education Agency.
  • The foundational course offerings include Science, Technology, English, Mathematics, Speech, Debate and History as well as Foreign Language.
  • These core subjects are augmented by enriching co-curriculum courses that include Homeroom, Study Hall, Electives, Life Skills, Facing History and Ourselves and Physical Education.
  • Each course of study is intended to expand each student's knowledge of the subject studied and to develop the prerequisite skills necessary for the independent college preparatory research and study expected of students in the Upper School.
  • The progress of each student is monitored by the child's advisor, the grade level team of teachers, the Dean of Students and the Middle School Director. The Curriculum link on this website describes all of the academic information.

Houston Heights High School makes extensive use of technology resources throughout our curriculum. While we do offer computer-specific courses, such as Internet Development and Desktop Publishing, one of our goals is to seamlessly integrate technology tools into every classroom. The following are examples of how technology is used in our school:

  • Mobile Wireless Laptop Labs
  • Digital Video & Photography
  • Virtual Chemistry Lab Software
  • Computer Projectors & SmartBoards
  • Self-Paced Instructional Software
  • Web-Based Distance Learning
  • Adaptive Testing Software