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College Connections



Houston Heights High School is a higher education partner school. Our students engage in college courses while in high school while working toward two and four year college degree requirements. Typically our students have the ability to earn 30 or more college hours prior to graduation from high school. Our primary partners are Houston Community College and the University of Texas at Austin.


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College credits from Houston Community College (HCC) are earned at HCC Northeast College. Our students work online at Houston Heights High School and on campus at the Pinemont Center campus and the Northline campus. Heights High students can participate in college courses year round during the fall, spring and summer semesters. During the summer all of our students are eligible to attend HCC full or part time at various HCC locations and typically earn 6 to 12 college credits. Our students complete dual credit courses as well as advanced college electives that fulfill their college goals.





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Our University of Texas at Austin partnership Houston Heights High students participate in our distance learning cooperative. Our students earn high school credits and college credits in a unique program that is on line or self paced courses at our school via CD-Rom. At our approved testing center we offer an advanced curriculum while attending our convenient campus location in the Heights.